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Women's Health

Menstrual Concerns

One of the questions we often ask about “menstrual concerns” is whose concern is it? Are the symptoms a problem for the patient, or is a family member the “concerned” party?In many, cultures, menstruating women are accorded the honor of being left alone.They are excused from their normal daily duties and provided food and quiet time for the duration of their period…not because they are somehow ‘dirty’ or ‘crazed’ but because it is understood that during a woman’s menstrual cycle her womb is open and all of her energy is focused in her lower abdomen.She does not have time or patience for the daily challenges that she normally handles without thought.

Our society has not adopted this lovely tradition, so women are working and taking care of their families during their menstrual period.Some women are able to do this without serious symptoms, while others find that the increased stress of their menses on top of an increasingly stressful daily life is too much, and they develop symptoms.

The doctors work using a holistic perspective to uncover imbalances that may be leading to a variety of symptoms such as PMS, irregular menstruation, depression, infertility, hot flashes and night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, acne, digestive disturbances, and hair loss.They work to find strategies for coping with stressors, and look for ways to balance abnormal hormonal fluctuations. Occasionally, these symptoms can be severe requiring an integrative approach with other providers.