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The inability to conceive and bring a pregnancy to term is a complicated and very emotional issue.The doctors take a comprehensive view of fertility issues, involving both partners.We work to optimize the health of both partners, and look for any underlying conditions or life style issues needing to be addressed.We also encourage couples to work closely with their MDs to ensure full diagnostic workups have been done and the couple is given a menu of treatment options.


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  • Dr. Plummer--I am SO thankful to have found you! Thank you for your patience in hearing all my questions and concerns before providing your recommendations. I am happy to work on my health with a holistic approach. ~M.T.
  • Dear Sage Holistic Team- Thank-you so much for your patience, knowledge and care the last few years. I am feeling healthier and stronger everyday! I couldn't have done it without your "kick in the butt" and loving encouragement! ~P.P.
  • Dr. Dee's skill at acupuncture is exceptional--as is her listening. She wants the whole story before she treats you. What a treat. She has provided significant help for many of my ills, including osteoarthritis in my knees. ~M.N.
  • Thank you, thank you! I came in pretty stiff and very achy in my lower back and right leg. I'm leaving like a new woman. Wonderful! ~S.C.
  • Thank you for having Greens First available. Both my husband and I are taking it. I feel so much better and so does he. It's a blessing for us--he is recovering from radiation treatment and I am the caregiver. I feel more balanced and have more endurance. I love this product--how it's made and the quality. Thanks again. ~M.S.B
  • Thank you, Dr. Plummer, for your expertise, encouraging words, warm effect, and sense of humor! You have made a difference in my life, and I am hope-filled again. ~JB