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Dr. Plummer--I wanted to let you know that I've been breathing better since starting the herbs and supplement. Thank you so much for helping me out, I really appreciate it!

Dr. Dee--I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me (once again) recover from my sinus infection and all the other symptoms that accompanied it.  I have so much respect for you and your holistic practice.  I am feeling so much better and really apprecicate your expertise.

Dr. Dee--You have been a wonderful support for me this past year.  I couldn't have gotten through it without you! 

Dr. Dee and Dr. Plummer--Thank you for your healing this past year.  My health is better because of the two of you.

Dr. Dee--This letter comes from me to you with the most genuine gratitude.  I cannot being to think of how to thank you for helping me through my cancer fight.  More than what you have physically done for me, it is everything you said to me that helped just as much.  Dr. Dee, you are someone really care for the people you treat and I am glad that I am one of those people. 

Dr. Dee--I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all your help and professional skills in bringing me out of my painful situation.  Your special attention was great in my healing.

Dr. Dee--I find myself writing again to say, "THANKS."  I can't tell you how appreciative I am for the wonderful care you gave my brother.  He is such a special person in my life, and your knowledge and help will have a big impact.  Thank you for your excellent care. 

I want to thank Dr. Plummer for treating my neck, hand and wrist pain. The Myokinesthetic System is a success!  Since my last treatment a few weeks ago, I have been able to do activities such as gardening, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, blow-drying my hair, cooking, carrying boxes, making beds, etc., all of  which used to result in pain. Driving the car even resulted in pain!  Interestingly, I have been feeling arm strengthening instead!    

Thank you for your tender loving healing these last several weeks.  I can't tell you how much comfort you've brought me while healing from this pneumonia; from the (luxourious) hydrotherapy sessions to the tailor-made herbal tinctures.  It's been a well thought out treatment which has made all the difference both psychologically and physically to my "mind-body."  From my heart I say--NAMASTE.

Just wanted you to know that your caring and thoughtful attention to my many health issues is greatly appreciated.  It is reassuring to know that you both are doing your best to bring me some relief and that my questions, comments and opinions matter.  Keep up the great work!

I have never experienced such a thorough approach to medicine.  The doctors at Sage Holistic took the time to discuss a range of health-related topics, from diet and exercise to what's happening in my life, careful to incorporate both traditional and holistic approaches.  My symptoms presented a rather challenging diagnosis.  Dr. Dee was able to "put the pieces together", much like a detective!  I've been amazed at how much I learn each time I visit Dr. Dee and Dr. Plummer!

Taking my family to Sage Holistic Health is the best decision I have ever made.  The doctors are so warm and caring and have really made a difference in my life.

Dr. Plummer's counseling on diet and stress, combined with her homeopathic know-how not only got me off anti-depressants peacefully and my son off Zantac (he had long-term reflux issues), but drastically improved our overall health, positively impacting our quality of life and allowing us to live drug FREE!  Thanks so much and we enthusiastically recommend Sage Holistic Health and/or naturopathy to our friends and family. 

Dr.Plummer is a hero around my household.  She has worked with my wife on various health issues, spotted my daughter's food allergy, and nurtured my baby's severely burned hands.  She is very knowledgeable and is very calm and easy to work with.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Naturopathic doctor. 

Dr. Dee's skill at acupuncture is exceptional--as is her listening. She wants the whole story before she treats you. What a treat. She has provided significant help for many of my ills, including osteoarthritis in my knees.

Thank you, thank you!  I came in pretty stiff and very achy in my lower back and right leg.  I'm leaving like a new woman.  Wonderful!

Thank you for having Greens First available.  Both my husband and I are taking it.  I feel so much better and so does he.  It's a blessing for us--he is recovering from radiation treatment and I am the caregiver.  I feel more balanced and have more endurance.  I love this product--how it's made and the quality.  Thanks again.

Thank you, Dr. Plummer, for your expertise, encouraging words, warm effect, and sense of humor!  You have made a difference in my life, and I am hope-filled again. 

Dr. Plummer--I am SO thankful to have found you!  Thank you for your patience in hearing all my questions and concerns before providing your recommendations.  I am happy to work on my health with a holistic approach. 

Dear Sage Holistic Team-
Thank-you so much for your patience, knowledge and care the last few years.  I am feeling healthier and stronger everyday!  I couldn't have done it without your "kick in the butt" and loving encouragement!