Natural "Face Lifts"

What To Expect

A Facial Rejuvenation session lasts one hour.  This very relaxing and rejuventating treatment consists of 7 phases, administered to a client dressed in a spa robe and relaxing on a warmed treatment table.  Warm moist facial towels are applied between treatment phases which are performed with a microcurrent device and light generator (AcutronTM).  The treatment phases include various techniques using cotton-tipped probes, pads during the gentle massage phase, mudd mask, and bar electrodes.   

In each phase of treatment, microcurrent and light are applied to different points and lines on the face, in conjunction with specially formulated organic skin care products designed for use with vibrational electrical and light therapies. The skin care products include an aloe-based bio-electric gel, cleanser, mudd mask , organic moisturizers, and a healing mist. The gel and mudd mask contain blends of ionized water, pure aloe vera, virgin oils, gem essences, anti-oxidants and other all-natural ingredients that nurture and help restore the health and tone of the face.  The paraben-free organic moisturizers are rich in anti-oxidants and selected based on skin tone and type.

Gem essences are made of pure water that has been vibrationally charged with the energetic qualities of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Through the process of making gem essences, the healing and energy balancing frequencies contained in each gem are released and amplified into the water, then stabilized for ongoing usage.  Each facial rejuvenation product contains a unique and proprietary blend of 6 to 20 gem essences. The beneficial properties of each essence are further released into the body when colored light and microcurrent are passed through them on the skin surface.