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Natural "Face Lifts"

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Natural Face Lifts

The Natural “Face Lifts” at Sage Holistic Health utilize the Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR™) method using color light and microcurrent therapy, and the Queen Bee skin care line to provide radiant skin to match the health within.
Our faces reveal the health and balance of our internal organs and our energy level. A person with a healthy, glowing face has good internal energy balance, and is usually perceived as “healthy” and beautiful. Conversely, organic weaknesses and dysfunctions show in the face through dark circles, pale or lusterless skin, blemishes, acne, excessive wrinkling and other signs.

Low level electrical stimulation (microcurrent) and customized color light can provide a facial rejuvenation treatment that not only significantly improves the appearance of the face but promotes good health and vibrant energy as well.

Signs of aging may be more visible on the face than any other area of the body. Facial rejuvenation is a strategy using a variety of treatments to combat a variety of forces at work in an aging face. procedures are painful to endure and all are focused on local treatment of the skin only.

ELR™ color light combined with microcurrent provides a non-invasive, relaxing and revitalizing alternative for facial rejuvenation. ELRTM stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin tissues by working in harmony with the natural processes of the body. It has no negative side effects—no swelling, redness, numbness, or flaking. When combined with healthy dietary and lifestyle choices, a state of vibrant health can be achieved.