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Women's Health

Digestive Conditions

You are what you eat—and what you assimilate.  If your digestion is not optimal, symptoms as varied as constipation and bloating to extreme fatigue may occur.  Eating foods that are inflammatory in nature can lead to or aggravate pain syndromes, including headaches and musculoskeletal pain.  Foods that cause immune reactions can also lead to skin conditions, allergy or asthma symptoms, sinusitis, or irritability.

Our job as doctors is to assess your overall digestive function and determine whether you are eating the most appropriate diet for your optimal health.  We do not believe in “fad diets” or that there is one optimal diet for everyone.  In the course of working with you, we will likely ask you to keep a health journal indicating what you are eating and how you feel as one way of assessing these issues.  We may also suggest specialized testing in order to evaluate digestive function, intestinal health, food sensitivities, or nutritional status.

When dietary recommendations are made, we often suggest the changes be instituted for the entire family so as to normalize the “new” diet and make the changes easier for you—especially if you are doing the majority of the food preparation.