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Free Seminars

"Building a Culture of Health"

At Sage Holistic Health, we are committed to our vision of Building a Culture of Health.  Instead of living in the disease and stress model, with occasional vacations into the realm of health, we endeavor to teach our patients and community members to live in health with only the rare conversation with "dis-ease." 

Please enjoy the following audio clips.  These mini-seminars are for your information only, not to replace your regular health care.

Audio Recordings

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How to Continue Your Healthy Diet Plan During the Holidays

Cleanse, Fast, Starve: What do they mean and when to do them

Making Healthy and Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Is There Wind at Your Back? How to Improve Your Digestion.

Get Control Over Your Highs and Lows--manage your Blood Sugar Naturally

Healthy Aging: What Food and Supplements Improve Memory and Vitaltiy

Tricks to Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Treatments for Common Skin Ailments

Sleep: How to Get Enough "Z's" and Why it's Important

Get ready to fit into your summer clothes! How exercise can help you.

Heart health for the Valentine in your chest