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Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine offers a completely different approach to both acute and chronic conditions.  The methods of diagnosis include questioning, observing characteristics such as skin color, emotional affect, the qualities of the pulse and tongue, and determining what specific Chinese organ network is effected.  While Chinese organ networks sound familiar, they are more representative of a group of functions than the solid organs we typically associate with terms like 'liver' or 'spleen.' 

To a Chinese practitioner, a Western diagnosis is interesting, but has little bearing on the Chinese diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


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  • Dr. Dee--I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me (once again) recover from my sinus infection and all the other symptoms that accompanied it. I have so much respect for you and your holistic practice. I am feeling so much better and really apprecicate your expertise. ~S.F.
  • Dr. Dee--You have been a wonderful support for me this past year. I couldn't have gotten through it without you! ~J.T.
  • Dr. Dee and Dr. Plummer--Thank you for your healing this past year. My health is better because of the two of you. ~K.S
  • Dr. Dee--This letter comes from me to you with the most genuine gratitude. I cannot being to think of how to thank you for helping me through my cancer fight. More than what you have physically done for me, it is everything you said to me that helped just as much. Dr. Dee, you are someone really care for the people you treat and I am glad that I am one of those people. ~L.S.
  • Dr. Dee--I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all your help and professional skills in bringing me out of my painful situation. Your special attention was great in my healing. ~J.P.