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Lisa Smuin, LMT

Lisa Smuin with Infinite Breath LLC received her massage training at the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins.  Before launching into her current massage career, she was a yoga teacher for 18 years.  This passion for yoga led her to learn how to heal the body on a more personal level, inspiring her to employ movement techniques and methods to mobilize joints as well as release muscular tension patterns that may be the cause of pain and discomfort.

Lisa understands the importance of the connection between the mind and body and strives to bring awareness to this connection during sessions.  Each massage is a personal, educational experience, allowing for the tension held in the body to be released.  

The massage treatment room is designed to provide a healing environment so that the client can fully relax, de-stress and strive toward their desired results.  Lisa tailors each massage treatment to the individual’s needs, understanding that everybody releases pain and tension in unique ways. 

Lisa specializes in a full body approach to each client.  Her massage techniques include an integrative approach to release painful areas, using a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, massage cupping, myofacial release and lymphatic. 

Outside the treatment room, Lisa routinely enjoys meditative walking, gardening, yoga and working on artistic household projects. 

  • What people say
    I love Lisa's massages.  I find an increase in self-awareness with every ounce of stress that's stripped away. ~K.P.
  • What people say
    I am generally reluctant to receive massage therapy out of concern of getting hurt or not being able to relax. I now look forward to Lisa’s care! Her skill has earned my trust and I have even fallen asleep on her table! ~D.K.
  • What People Say

    Upon meeting Lisa, I immediately felt comfortable with her. Her energy has always been inviting and kind. Lisa goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive what you need during your session.  Her technique is astounding and I have always felt rejuvenated and invigorated after our sessions. Her professionalism and fierce commitment to her healing work is clearly evident to me. If you are looking for a message therapist that is committed to your personal healing and does amazing bodywork, look no further.