Queen Bee Skin Care Line

All skin care products used for the ELR™ Natural "Face Lifts" are from the Queen Bee skin care line.  These products are organic and very concentrated so you only need small amounts. Sage Holistic Health uses and carries a great number of these products.  Call the clinic to order:  (970) 667-7071.

Glycolic Exfoliating Toner

Glycolic is a Beta Hydroxy Acid that breaks the bonds that hold dead cells onto the surface of the skin, promoting cell regeneration and a brighter face. Glycolic also helps reduce the appearance of large or clogged pores.  Contains: distilled water, glycolic, lavender essential oil,  polysorbate 20 (binding agent), Leucadal (preservative sourced from radishes) and pigment from the sweetpea bush flower “Clitoria.”  4 oz $36

Exfoliating Facial Wash

Exfoliating Facial Wash helps to gently remove the dead skin layer so your skin glows and your moisturizer penetrates more deeply.   Contains: saponifed organic oils of jojoba, coconut, aloe, vegetable gum, glycerin, and phthalate free fragrance oil.  4 oz $28

Hydro Primer

Hydro Primer contains hyaluronic acid (HA) that works by storing  water.  As we age, skin loses HA and the ability to hold sufficient moisture. Using Hydro Primer plumps the skin and smoothes age lines.  Contains: distilled water, hyaluronic acid, leucidal (preservative sourced from radishes) & essential oils.  1 oz $52


Vivify contains a hyaluronic acid (HA) that is absorbed deeply into the skin.   HA is the body’s natural lubricant that reduces as the skin ages.  Applying HA to the skin plumps age lines and reduces fine lines.  Contains: ultra low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, aloe and floral and citrus essentials oils.  0.5 oz $58

Vitamin K Serum

Vitamin K Serum is rich in A, B, C, D, E and K vitamins and is a versatile moisturizer for all skin types, though it is specific for red, sensitive skin.  Contains: borage, carrot, evening primrose, sea buckthorn, rosehip, meadowfoam seed oils are blended with organic jojoba oil, Vitamin K, ylang ylang, geranium and lavender essential oils.  1 oz $46

Sea Buckthorn C Serum

C Serum helps lessen premature aging of the skin, reduces fine lines, and allows the skin to become smoother and more elastic.  Contains: vegan squalane, jojoba, sea buckthorn oil, essential oils of mandarin and sweet orange.  1 oz $48

Skin Drops

Skin Drops mimics the skin’s own lipids with the equivalent of human sebum.  It helps retain moisture deep in the skin which allows fine lines to disappear in mature skin. Use solo or in conjunction with your other moisturizers.  Contains: vegan squalane, essential oils of red mandarin and rose geranium.  1 oz $56

Age Erase Collagen Cream


Age Erase Collagen Cream is a topical collagen treatment that aids in elasticity and helps your skin naturally produce collagen to help fill in deeper skin creases.  Contains:   Collagen from lupine seeds, aloe, sunflower oil, squalane, essential oils of rose, mandarin and pink grapefruit.  0.33 oz $42

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