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Women's Health

Both doctors thoroughly enjoy working with all aspects of women's health—from childhood and puberty, to childbearing and menopausal years. Hormonal changes are complex and can lead to comprehensive, system-wide symptoms. An individualized combination of naturopathic and/or Chinese medical modalities are key to optimizing each unique female system.

The doctors focus on finding the underlying cause of discomfort, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Occasionally the entire family needs to be included in the recommended treatment plan.

Physical Exams

The annual physical exam should not be excluded from your health maintenance plan.  Physicals for women, men, and children performed by the doctors at Sage Holistic Health include a head-to-toe exam and provide a time for the patient to ask health questions they may have been putting off.


The doctors take a comprehensive view of fertility issues, work to optimize the health of both partners and look for any underlying conditions or lifestyle issues that need to be addressed. Couples are encouraged to also work closely with their MDs to ensure full diagnostic workups have been done and the couple is given a menu of treatment options.

Menstrual Concerns

The doctors work using a holistic perspective to uncover imbalances that may be leading to a variety of symptoms such as PMS, irregular menstruation, depression, infertility, hot flashes and night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, acne, digestive disturbances, and hair loss. They work to find strategies for coping with stressors and look for ways to balance abnormal hormonal fluctuations. Occasionally, these symptoms can be severe requiring an integrative approach with other providers.


Women often need gentle yet effective solutions to help with this transition period. Both doctors utilize customized herbal and nutritional therapies to help women gracefully transition as their bodies go through normal changes for this period of our lives.