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Dr. Koloski completed the Master of Science of Oriental Medicine (MSOM) at the National University of Natural Medicine. The degree program emphasizes the holistic spirit of the classic teachings of Oriental medicine. This 212.69 credit-hour, 3768-hour academic and clinical program, taught over three years, was developed and is taught by practitioners trained in China. Delving into the history and philosophy of this challenging system of thought, one will find that it combines the art and science of a medicine developed over millennia. This course of study takes one outside the Western concept of science into an approach that integrates the systematic and intuitive aspects of medicine while remaining observable and reproducible.
The classical Chinese medicine approach is especially suited to give new insights into the treatment of difficult and recalcitrant diseases.

By bringing the legacy of an independent medical system into modern Western practices, the program is specifically designed to inspire the struggle with chronic diseases that are difficult to cure or even diagnose.