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Chinese Herbal Medicine

A cornerstone of Dr. Koloski’s practice is the use of Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs are prescribed only after a complete history is taken and a Chinese diagnosis is established.  Chinese diagnoses are based upon a holistic review of individual symptom presentation.  A Western medical diagnosis is generally of interest, but is not helpful in establishing the Chinese diagnosis since the two medical systems are completely different in their philosophies and methodology.  For instance, two people with the common cold can have two completely different Chinese diagnoses and herbal prescriptions, depending upon their presentation.

Dr. Koloski prescribes granulated and patent herbal medicines based upon her classical Chinese herbal education and utilizes the available research on drug-herb and herb-herb interactions in order to avoid adverse side effects.  Chinese herbal combinations usually contain 6 to 12 herbs, are prepared based upon the Chinese diagnosis, and are generally formulated to reduce the chances of adverse side effects.
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