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Welcome to Sage

The Sage Clinic

Our Loveland, Colorado clinic provides natural health care to women, children, and men, and has a professional and warm atmosphere that is designed to provide a safe, healing space.  We specialize in delving deep to find the cause(s) of dysfunction and discomfort while promoting overall wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is healthcare that is founded upon the holistic philosophy of promoting health and vitality, not just eliminating disease. This individualized care blends safe and effective traditional therapies with current research and is appropriate for the management of a broad range of health conditions affecting people of all ages.

COVID Requirements

Due to the current low risk of respiratory illnesses, face coverings are optional unless you have respiratory symptoms.

Natural "Face Lifts"

One hour facial treatment using microcurrent, color light, and acupressure theory for a wellness treatment that tones the face.

Holistic Care

We help people naturally help themselves through naturopathy, nutrition, herbs, acupuncture and more.


All patients are treated individually in private rooms with heated tables. Dr. Koloski uses pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, moxa, microcurrent, and Chinese herbs.